Crete-Sleeve® Plastic Hole Forms Applications

View the videos below to see how to use Crete-Sleeve® Plastic Hole Forms to save time, labor and money!

Crete-Sleeve®: Your Construction Industry Experts

Here we are demonstrating how to use the Crete-Sleeve® on a floor pour.

Cutting your own metal piping, plastic tubing or drilling your own holes is time consuming and labor intensive. Drilling doesn’t guarantee a smooth, round hole every time, and there is also the risk of cutting the rebar and reducing strength. Crete-Sleeve® Plastic Hole Forms can be attached in minutes using screws, nails or staples and are easily removed after the concrete has cured. They are reusable and won’t chip, dent, or break, and leave a smooth, uniform hole every time – saving you labor, time, and money!

Here we are demonstrating how to use the Crete-Sleeve® when your wall forms are metal.

As you can see, when the wall forms are metal and you can't use screws, nails or staples, you can attach the Crete Sleeve® to the rebar using wire to hold the sleeve in place. Another advantage of using Crete-Sleeve® over PVC piping is the Crete-Sleeve® allows some give so when you push the sleeve down it will be tight against each wall form, whereas, the PVC piping has no give and must be cut perfectly to the right size as to be tight against the metal wall form. It is important to note, that you should not alter the Crete Sleeve before installation. If you need to telescope, be sure that the flange is not cut off and that you securely fasten to your wall form. This is a plastic part and needs support for proper use.

Here we are demonstrating how to install the Crete-Sleeve® on a precast plank.

When you have a hole coming through your precast plank, you can simply put our Crete-Sleeve® over the hole and fasten it to the plank and then pour your concrete. After the concrete has cured you can simply cut off the top of the sleeve leaving you a perfectly round hole.


Here we are demonstrating how to telescope the Crete-Sleeve® for a deeper slab.

When you are pouring a concrete slab that is greater than the overall length of the Crete-Sleeve®, you can simply telescope the Crete-Sleeve®. If the Crete-Sleeve® will be staying in the concrete, remove the top of one Crete-Sleeve® and remove the flange and top of the second Crete-Sleeve®. Snap the two together, then cut to the desired length.