About Us

Crete-Sleeve® is a family-owned corporation, established in 1965

We were the first company to build and sell plastic hole forms for the building industry and have remained the industry quality leader. We were originally called the Shamrock Crete-Sleeve®.

We work exclusively with Midwest Plastics, Inc. to manufacture our products. Midwest Plastics is owned by the same family and also located in West St. Paul, Minnesota. With distributors all over the country, we are able to service the national construction industry, while also providing local inventory at our warehouse in West St. Paul.

Our trademark is so prevalent in the industry contractors don’t just inquire about plastic hole forms but ask for Crete-Sleeve® specifically. You might recognize our product over the years by our green color!

Crete-Sleeve®: Your Construction Industry Experts

At Crete-Sleeve®, we are proud to lead the way in selling plastic hole forms to architects, mechanical contractors, general contractors, HVAC contractors, electricians and plumbers throughout the United States for over 50 years. Click here to learn more about our clients!

American-Made Plastic Hole Forms

Crete-Sleeve® proudly supports the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) of 2009 and the original Buy American Act of 1933.

ARRA requires that any project receiving government funding must purchase American-made goods, if at all possible. This provision promotes American people to buy goods that have been produced by other Americans.