Crete-Sleeve®: The #1 Brand in Plastic Hole Forms Since 1965



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For over 50 years, Crete-Sleeve® has been producing the highest quality plastic hole forms for the construction industry. Crete-Sleeve® Plastic Hole Forms are used by electricians, plumbers, HVAC and concrete providers to create a hole in a concrete wall or floor so they can run their conduit and piping from one wall or floor to the next. Just attach the Crete-Sleeve® to the form, pour the concrete and after the concrete has cured, remove the sleeve leaving a perfectly round hole saving you time and money!

Why Choose Us?

At Crete-Sleeve®, we do one thing and one thing only: manufacture, service, and sell the best performing plastic hole forms on the market.

Highest Quality Product

Crete-Sleeve® Plastic Hole Forms are:

  • Manufactured in-house to ensure quality control.
  • Manufactured using green composites for purity, guaranteeing a stronger and more durable product.
  • Reusable with a smooth surface that will not adhere to the concrete.
  • Lightweight, have no sharp edges, and are easy to handle. Our plastic hole forms outperform metal every time.
  • Able to be telescoped or cut for any slab thickness.
  • Available in 9 sizes to meet all of your needs.

Saves Time and Money

Cutting your own metal piping, plastic tubing or drilling your own holes is time consuming and labor intensive. Drilling doesn’t guarantee a smooth, round hole every time, and there is also the risk of cutting the rebar and reducing strength.

Crete-Sleeve® Plastic Hole Forms can be attached to a metal form with wire or a wood form using screws, nails or staples and are easily removed after the concrete has cured. They won’t chip, dent, or break, and leave a smooth, uniform hole every time – saving you labor, time, and money!

Best Service and Pricing

At Crete-Sleeve®, we promise to meet or beat our competitor’s pricing. We’re committed to giving you the best customer experience possible, which is why all service calls go directly to our knowledgeable staff, who will help you with product and shipping information.

Crete-Sleeve® has distributors throughout the United States, making us a convenient choice wherever you’re located. We will broker your order to provide you with the best freight cost possible and usually ship within 24 hours.

96% of architects and contractors request Crete-Sleeve® by name over our competitors*

Here are the reasons Crete-Sleeve® purchasers give for choosing us:

  • The high quality and strength of our product.
  • The ease with which our plastic hole forms can be secured and removed, leaving a smooth hole every time.
  • Our large assortment of sizes.
  • Our very competitive pricing.
  • Our large distribution network, which provides easy access to our products.
  • No waiting! All calls to Crete-Sleeve® go directly to our sales staff for pricing and distribution locations.

* ConstructConnect is a leading provider of pre-construction data in the United States and Canada.